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Name: Baby Snap & Date

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Introducing Baby Snap & Date, the new app which records a child’s age automatically on your photos. Just enter the name and birth date of the child once and your photos are instantly captioned with their age when snapped. The app can even go back to earlier pictures and calculate the exact age in the photo. Other features include tracking for multiple children, options for captions, ease of email, upload to Facebook and Twitter, and storage for future viewing.

Snap-happy parents can now rest easy that those precious ‘firsts’ and other extraordinary images captured, are preserved in time, without depending on their own memory!

“I came up with the concept in a moment of overwhelm, because I just couldn’t keep track,” says mumpreneur Brooke Udale. “Like any proud new Mum, I have been snapping dozens of pics a day of my daughter. I took a picture of her first smile, but looking at it months later, I had no idea how old she was when it happened! It was deflating! With Baby Snap & Date I’m now happy to report my picture taking is stress-free!”

Baby Snap & Date App costs $0.99 and is available in Apple and Android app stores.

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What makes you stand out from the crowd : No other app does what Baby Snap & Date does.


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