Baby K’Tan Baby Carrier [Review]

I welcome the opportunity to discuss the Baby K’Tan baby carrier provided to me by Baby K’Tan for review

What do you do when you like to hike, geocache, and you have a family?  You take them along!  What if one of the family members is 5 months old?  You can’t carry them the whole time, you can’t take a stroller, and they can’t walk!  Aha!  A baby carrier…but which one?  My wife has the “Other” wrap and says that once it is on, and the baby is in it works great.  Getting the “Other” thing on however, is not an easy task, and quite frankly not a task I’m willing to tackle.  Normally I end up trying to help her get it tied properly, we get baby in and then realize “Ahh it’s too loose” !  Then we have to take it off and redo it, OR try and take up the slack in it as we work it out and tighten it down to where it is snug.

Enter the Baby K’Tan baby carrier!  It has all the fit and feel of a wrap style carrier without the hassle of trying to wrap.  Quick and easy is the name of the game for this daddy and this “wrap” fits the bill.


Baby K'tan Carrier
Let’s talk about specifics of the baby carrier:  

This carrier is designed to carry babies from about 8 pounds up to 35 pounds and there are several ways to carry the baby.  The Kangaroo position can be used with newborns up to around 3 months old.  The Hug position can be used when baby can stretch their legs and hold their head up relatively well (around 2-3 months).  The Adventure position lets the baby look out at the world and can be used when baby has full head control (around 5 months).  The Explore position as well as the Hip position can be used when baby has full head and body control around 5 months old.

The Baby K’tan baby carrier comes in a variety of colors and sizes (be sure to select the right size) and you can purchase the cotton or the “breeze”.  Living in south Georgia I knew I needed the breeze because it gets extremely hot here and neither I nor baby E wanted to be miserable.  I got the K’Tan Breeze for review, size XL.

I am about 6′ 1″, 235, and the XL was the perfect fit for me.  The Baby K’Tan sizes are specific to the general size of the person wearing the carrier, so you should size it to fit that person.  It is NOT one size for all.


What I Like about the Baby K’Tan baby carrier

  • I REALLY like the fact that they offer the breeze line in this product.  Living in a hot climate, a carrier like this can be almost unusable in the summer.  This will be a big help to keep baby E cooler when we are hiking and the temps are in the upper 90’s.
  • The carrier is basically 3 pieces.  The two loops of fabric, held together in the back, and the 3rd wrap around piece to hold things up close to your.  I REALLY like this.  It makes it very easy to get on and off, and very easy to get baby E into and out of.  This can be extremely difficult with other wrap style carrier, not the case with the Baby K’tan baby carrier.
  • The carrier folds up and is self-storing in a drawstring bag.  Very easy, very lightweight, and very small for packing purposes.

What I would like to see


  • Although the Baby K’Tan is offered in quite a few different colors, I would REALLY like to see it in a few more “Man friendly” colors.  I think this would make it a little more marketable to dads who might wear one, but aren’t great with the “mom look”. Camo would be nice addition!
  • One of the strengths of the carrier is that it is the right size for YOU, but that is one of the weaknesses of it as well.  Especially if you and the wife are vastly different body types.  Me 6’1″, 235; her 5’1, 1?? (you didn’t think I would guess wrong on that one did you ??)  This means buying two carriers 🙁

Would I, as a Dad, use the Baby K’Tan baby carrier ?

Well, I guess that is the $64,000 question isn’t it.  Absolutely!  The carrier is easy to use, easy to get on, and provides ample support for baby E when it is on.  There’s not much else I could ask for.  I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about buying a baby carrier.  Also, if you are thinking about buying a baby shower gift for a new mom, this would be perfect!  We travel a lot, and this is something that, as a dad, I would be happy to receive as a gift.

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