Baby Tracking with Baby Connect App- Tech Tuesday

Baby tracking? Who knew you needed Baby Connect?

Starting this week I am going to have some sort of Tech related post.  “Tech Tuesday” it will be called.  It might be an app, or just a gadget that I really like or find interesting.  Stay tuned for more “Tech Tuesday”


We had our second child just a couple month ago, and quickly realized that we were missing something.  My wife and myself were always asking each other “when did she eat last”.. Ah hA!  There must be an app for that I thought.  So I got on the play store and within a few minutes had found the solution: Baby Connect App 

I was looking for an app that would keep track of when we fed our daughter so we would know when the next feeding was coming up.  As I did a little research, I realized this was that and so much more.

With Baby Connect you can:

  • Track bottle feeding, nursing, medicines, solid food, diaper changes
  • By entering birthday you can track percentiles of height and weight, as well as record head diameter
  • track vaccines and dr visits
  • All of these are graphed to show how they progress over time.
  • The graphs can be emailed, tweeted or shared on facebook.
  • Sync data with other devices


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The overall user experience with baby connect is VERY user friendly.  We tried other baby tracking apps, and this was our favorite. The buttons on the home screen are customizable, so if you are already past bottle feeding you can set it to only see the solid food options.  You can also add multiple children, very useful to keep all this info in one place.


One really important feature is that the data is syncable between multiple devices.  What this means is, my wife can feed baby E and enter into baby connect on her android device, and when I open baby connect on my android device all the info is there.  This is one of the deciding factors that made me choose this app.  There are others that will do this (not all of them will), but I like the way that this one works.

Also, all the info on the app is also available online so it can be accessed by anyone without a smartphone such as a caregiver, grandparent etc. My mom keeps baby E and enters here info during the day so that when she comes home in the afternoon we know when it’s time to eat (or check for poop) again.


If you are interested in checking out the app go over to the Baby Connect download page and grab your appropriate version.

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