Build a Teardrop Camper #2 – The profile

If you read my first post on my teardrop camper build, then this is a follow up to that.  If not, then checkout How to Build a teardrop camper #1.  In that post I gave a very brief explanation of what a teardrop camper is and how I came up with a plan. In this post I will explore the next step, which is.. huh.. well, my next step is going to be to make a profile of the side of the camper.

The teardrop camper was made famous, in part, by it’s very unique profile design.  One of the first few steps that I look in my design was to come up with a side profile.  This, along with the footprint (overall size) is what make the foundation of the build of the camper. My design is based upon 2-3 other designs that I liked.  I took features of out of each of them and make them into my own.  I really like the curves of the back where the rear galley curves under the frame.  There are other designs, such as the benroy, that have a flat back with a sharp flat floor at the bottom. While my design sacrifices a little bit of room in the lower galley, I like the looks of it much better.   The front of my profile is a take off of the camp-inn raindrop.

While most other teardrops curve over the front, mine will curve around the front.  This means that the top will be flat, and functionally this will give a little more vertical space in the front for the 2 bunks for the kids.  When I first saw this design, it jumped at me as being a very efficient use of the space (something that is key to every teardrop design).

how to build a teardrop camper




Above are a couple of very rough sketches of what it will (hopefully) look like. This is one of the cool things about a teardrop, or technically in this case, a TTT (Tiny Travel Trailer). YOU CAN MAKE IT HOW YOU WANT IT! The design of it is only limited by your imagination, your budget, and what you can comfortably pull with you tow vehicle. There are dozens of resources on the internet that will give you a jumping point to decide what type of teardrop you would like to build, and how you want it to look.  Below are some of my favorites, and are where I got my inspirations from.

No matter what you choose, you can customize inside and the outside of the camper to your liking.  Paint it, cover with aluminum, fiberglass, or even build a “woody”.

Have questions about where to get started?  Drop me a line Here.  I am a noobie, but I have done a LOT of research and can point you in the right direction if you are interested in building your own teardrop.


For the full list of article and links, see my page on How to Build a Teadrop .  If you have more questions, please see my Facebook Page.

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