Build A Teardrop Camper #1 – Teardrop Plans

So, we, me, I, you, or whomever, has decided to build a teardrop camper. What do you do next? Where do you start on your Teardrop build?

Well, the begining of course. If you want to build your own teardrop camper, you must first have a plan (or at least a resemblance of one). For our family camper, it is a bit different, and is more limited in the design that we can build, because we want to sleep 4 people in it. Most teardrop campers are only designed for 2 people… and 2 small people at that.

BUT… here is where we stretch the limits.

This is your traditional teardrop design, it has a middle (the cabin), a back (the galley or kitchen area), and maybe some other accessories.  This one is finished off a little more “fancy” than normal, but it is a 2 person model.

Photo credit: Don Stucke Wikipedia

Our teardrop camper is going to be a bit different that the traditional teardrop.  Instead of having just a sleeping arrangement in the middle for 2 down the length of the camper, it will also have 2 cross bunks in the front (the bow) of the camper.  This will give the kids a place to call home on our camping trips.  The overall dimensions will be 6ft wide, a 5 ft cabin, and 10 1/2 long. 

Below you can see a very rough drawing of how the inside of the camper will look.  The green on the left is the 2 bunks, with the middle sleeping quarters turned 90 degrees to that.  The galley is in the back with cabinets on both sides, facing inward to the cabin, and outward to the back (kitchen).  The galley will contain a stove, eating and cooking utencils, water jug, cooler, and other camping equipment.  

 The trailer frame is a rough sketch.  It has changed a bit since this drawing, but it basically the same idea.  Luckily we found an old boat trailer that will serve as the build frame for our teardrop.  

On the top, you can see the spars.  These are the wooden cross members that frame the structures of the camper.  They will have foam between the, and a “skin” of luan plywood on both the inside and outside of the camper.  The floor of the camper will be a plywood, 1×4, foam sandwich, more on the how and why of this in a later post.


This photo shows the other side of the teardrop camper build, and sort of what it will look like from the outside profile.   The lines on the left are just a rough sketch of where the shelves will be in the back.  They sort of give you an idea of the overall length of the cabin.



That is about it for the basic plan of our teardrop trailer.  I pulled a lot of my information for this build form,, as well as pinterest, and other sites.  If you are interested in building a teardrop camper, drop me an email and I can point you in the right direction.  The size and complexity of a teardrop camper are only limited by what you are willing to build.

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For the full list of article and links, see my page on How to Build a Teadrop .  If you have more questions, please contact me or see my Facebook Page.


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