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It’s tech Tuesday, it’s late… but it’s still Tuesday.  Just wanted to highlight a couple different techies I came across today.

I am in the process of refinancing my home.  Part of the deal, as I’m sure you know if you have gone through the process, it sign and fax back.  That’s great!  Accept for the fact that I don’t own a scanner or a fax machine.

So, I go looking, surely there’s an app for that.  Sure enough, I found CamScanner.


CamScanner is basically a fancy extension for your camera on your android smartphone.  BUT, it is very good at what it does.

Camscanner basically replaces a mobile scanner.  It is a scanner app that allow you to take a photo of a document.  After you take a photo you crop it down to fit the usable area of the document.  You then have the option to adjust the contract, brightness etc of the document.  This is a great feature because it lets you adjust each document so that the text appears as it should.  I took photos of 11×17 documents and had no problem with the clarity of each.

Once you photo, crop and adjust multiple pages, you can then export it to a PDF and voila, you have a multiple page PDF.  This is easily shared to your dropbox, emailed, or just about any other “share” function on your phone.

Whether you have business cards, documents to sign and return or just want to keep track of receipts, this is an app for android well worth checking out.  I mean, heck, for the price of free it’s tough to turn it down.

Of course there is a pro version with some added features:

From developer website:

CamScanner Free Version: with advertisements; PDF files generated are embedded with watermark; upload to Evernote and SkyDrive with time limit.
CamScanner Full version: no advertisements; PDF files generated are clean without watermark; upload to Evernote and SkyDrive without any time limit.


I said I had a couple different techies to show off.  I’m actually still testing one of them, so stay tuned for next week’s tech Tuesday and i will feature something for everyone who has an android tablet!

Get CamScanner for Android


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