Caring for Your Power Tools and Gardening Equipment

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Seeing as your outdoor abilities rely on the condition of your gardening tools, it is important to look after them as best as you can. This doesn’t need to be as complicated as you’d think, and you can ensure that everything is cared for in the proper manner. From your power drill to your hedge trimmer, you can keep everything in its optimal condition by following the simple tips below.

Thinking Electricity

From lawnmowers to lathes, there are numerous electrical devices that you may have in your back garden. Taking care of these items is especially important since they can cause a shock if damaged. In addition to storing this equipment in a cool and dry outdoor shed, you’ll also need to pay special attention to the plugs and cords. Inspect these on a regular basis, checking for rust damage, frayed wires, and split cable covers. Any damage here will need to be repaired professionally so you avoid electrocuting yourself in future.

Preventing Rust

Rust (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

This is one of the biggest threats to the quality of your gardening tools. From saws to shears, you’ll have a variety of cutting implements all of which you’ll need to keep clean and rust-free. After all, this directly affects their cutting capabilities, as a clean blade can slice through wood, plastic or anything else much better than a rusty one can. Follow these tips to keep your tools in good condition:

• Spray all metal surfaces with general purpose oil to prevent rust
• If possible, remove blades from power tools and spray completely
• Turn on the power tool to ensure the oil completely covers the metal

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This quick safety measure will ensure that your tools remain in excellent condition for much longer. This will then complement the dry storage area you’ve chosen by taking the time to find the best sheds for sale on the market. With a sheltered setting and a complete oil coating, you’ll be able to use your tools for a lot longer. You should spray oil like this on a regular basis to keep the damage at bay.

Sharpen Your Abilities

Despite taking every precaution, your tools will eventually grow blunt over time. This is no cause for despair though, as you can easily remedy this problem. If your blades aren’t too damaged, you can sharpen them with a metal file or sharpening stone. Follow these tips when using these items:

• Prepare the file or stone with some general-purpose oil
• Push the sharpening tool forward and downwards along the blade
• Turn the blade over, press it flat against the file, and rub it straight along
• Wipe all metal surfaces with an oily rag to prevent future rust build-up

This means that you can restore your equipment quite easily. By purchasing a sharpening tool and keeping it in your garden shed, you’ll be able to get the most out of your gear for a lot longer. Of course, if the blades are too damaged, you might need to get them repaired professionally. You might have to completely replace the tool in extreme circumstances.

Wooden Handle Care

If you have any gardening tools with wooden handles, you’ll also need to make sure these are in excellent condition so you can maintain a good grip on these items no matter what you’re doing. If the handle is dirty, scrub it with a stiff brush. If you want to use water, make sure not to completely soak the wood as this can cause warping and other damage. Once dried, spray a coating of linseed oil over the handle to preserve the wood, preventing drying out or splintering.

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