Why I carry a Case knife (and you should too)

So, a few months back I joined up in a great partnership with Case knives, and since then I have really come back to carrying a pocket knife on a regular basis. A lot of people have noticed my knife (in my pocket) and said “what’s that for’?

My question to them is What is it NOT for?

I used to tote a knife, and I quit for a while. Not really sure why. I guess maybe my pockets just became full of junk and I needed a little space?

It might seem strange to need a cutting device in your pocket, but it is so much more than that. In a crude manner, it’s a mini prying tool, a teeny tiny screwdriver, personal protection (that’s a given), AND a key to many other things.

The first time I recall having to use a knife was at the house. My son called me over, “daddy, can you come change these batteries”. SURE, that will be a piece of cake.

Well, after searching for that teeny tiny screwdriver, I quickly realized “AH HA”  MY KNIFE!



#2 Short kid…high table…long straw…what to do?  

One situation you find yourself in as a parent (and until this happened it had never crossed my mind) is that when you eat out, having the right drinking device for your kids is a must. It could mean the difference between happy, well fed kids, and kids with 47 different drippings and droppings on their shirt (you know candy, ice cream, ketchup, etc).

Drink on the shirt?  Nope! 

Knife to the rescue! Problem solved.


#3 Walking in the front door to “Big Brown Box”.

Look what I can do to big brown. No more fumbling trying to get into the package.


#4 Kids get a new toy in one of those aggravating plastic packages.


I have countless times needed a small prying too. Nothing too big, and nothing too heavy duty, but just enough that it was essential to have. My pocket knife has bailed me out over and over.

#5 Need to pop a top and you just don’t have the grip to hang on?


#6 Hungry?


#7 Time to put the tree up?  True story, it JUST happened this past weekend.  


As you can see.  What can’t my knife do?  I use mine all the time.  Whether it’s a Case, or some other brand (hopefully I’ve won you over though), don’t get caught without a knife in your pocket.

If you are looking for a gift this year for a family member, be sure to check Case Knives on Facebook and Instagram.  They frequently post photos of the sweetest blades out there.  I am planning (shhhh) to get my son his first knife for Christmas, I can guarantee it will be a Case,  just like my first was.

Although this case was sponsored by Case, the views are 100 % my own.  

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