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Dad’s Toy – A New Vision Kamado Grill

You might be asking yourself “What is a Kamado grill?”. I did too when someone mentioned it too me. But then they mentioned the Big green one… AH HA! I know what that is. A big, oversized, clunky, overpriced, heavy, lug of a grill.

Man was I wrong!

A kamado grill (Also familiar to many as the Big Green Egg) is the Cadillac, make that the Bugatti of grills. The Big Green Egg is a brand of kamado grill, but there are many, in many different price ranges to suit whatever is your style or price point for a grill. I chose the Vision Grills Classic B series.  Update: Here is the Current version of the one that I have.

IVision Grills Kamado

What turned me on to the the kamado grill?

1. It heavy! While that might not seem like a good thing, it actually is. Because of the high mass construction of a kamado, it holds heat very well, and is very good at even heating of almost anything. It can sear, bake, broil, and even smoke just about any meat. Think of it as the cast iron of grills!

2. As I mentioned there are many price points from 300 up to 6-7K dollars. I originally thought that I had to spend over a 1K on a kamado (a big green egg), but that is just not so. A descent, entry level kamado can be bought for $300, and I spent just over $600 and have a grill that should last me a lifetime, which leads me to….

3. It will last FOREVER! I bought a kamado with the intentions of keeping it for as long as I want to grill. It has a lifetime warranty on all of the ceramic parts, and a 5 yr on all of the metal parts. A very tough grill, and a great warranty.

4. It is TOUGH! Let me be clear here, it can be dropped and broken. It is made of ceramic, but that is also one of it’s strong points. It can withstand a large range of temperatures, and can be used in very low (sub freezing) temps. If you take care of it, it will take care of you, produce some amazing food, and last (literally) a lifetime.

5. It is extremely versatile. I can sear a steak at 700 degrees, I can smoke a chicken at 225 degrees a few hours, or a boston butt at 225 degrees for 15 hours. (ALL on one load of charcoal by the way) . I can cook wood fired pizza on it, it will smoke fish, bake a chicken, or even cook deserts on it. There isn’t much you can’t do with a kamado grill.  YES, I said you can cook pizza on it and smoke “low and slow” on it.

That is about it for now.  I have had some time to cook a variety of different meals on the kamodo over the last 4 months or so.  I will go into those in a later post.  I am gathering my favorite recipes that I will include in those, so stay tuned!  In the meantime if you would like, checkout my favorite grilling forum at  There is everything and anything that you might want to find out about the Vision grill, or many other brands and styles of kamado grills.

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14 thoughts on “Dad’s Toy – A New Vision Kamado Grill”

  1. I’ve been racking my brain about what the heck to get my husband this year and this is actually a really great idea… need to look into this a bit more!

    1. My wife was hesitant about this, especially the price, but it was totally worth it. Probably the best non-traditional thing that I have cooked on it was pizza. It came out great, just like out of a brick pizza oven.

  2. That is a good looking grill! We don’t have one, but we’re looking for one that isn’t huge but heavy enough that it won’t get knocked over easily. This one looks to be a good one!

  3. Miranda Papandreou

    My husband would LOVE this! We have a tailgating grill and a regular cheap grill, but I need to remember this one for his birthday. Awesome!

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