Designing Your Home in a Child-Friendly Way

So the baby is on the way? Apart from the countless other jobs that need to be done making the home a child-friendly environment is a very high priority.

Children love to play so most items in a child-friendly home need to be durable to say the least. Whatever items you have in your home there is a good chance they will either be jumped on, knocked over or have something spilt on them when the children are playing throughout the house.

Safety Tips for the Home:

A children’s safety is a parent’s primary concern, there are a wide range of cheap and effective products to help prevent that accident from happening. Products on the market that will be of benefit consist of:

• Child safety latches for cupboards and drawers.
• Corner protectors to be fitted on coffee tables and other sharp corner items
• Stove and fire guards.

These are just simple things that can be put into place to prevent your child from getting injured from risk areas around the home.

The Furniture:

Protecting your furniture is important from accidents such as:

• Spillages.
• Paint and felt pen markings.

Buying darker colours with deeper textures often hides stains and spillages more effectively than lighter colours and textures. Both vinyl and leather materials offer a much more resolute option as most spillages and stains can be generally wiped off with a cloth. Companies such as Denelli Italia, offer a wide range of leather furniture that would be perfect for your child-friendly home.

A further option is to purchase slip covers that protect the furniture from any unforeseen accidents.

Wipe down Wall Paper:

Another aspect to look at is purchasing wipe down wallpaper. This textured paper can easily be wiped clean getting rid of those little hand prints that have been artistically placed on the walls the day before. Also on the market these days is the removable wallpaper that can be taken down and replaced in a matter of minutes.

Wall Mounted Lighting & Television:

Young children like to crawl everywhere and pull any wire that they can get their hands on. So why not minimise the dangers of this by introducing wall mounted lights and even a wall mounted television. Not only do you eradicate the possibilities of an accident, you also free up some space that the television cabinet or standing lighting had taken up.

Durable Surfaces:

Flooring is another important factor to take into consideration when making your home child-friendly. Hard surfaces such as tiling is popular among parents, also cork flooring is fast becoming a favourite because of its soft surface. Cork also offers noise reduction when children are walking or running on it.

Stripe Shower Curtain - Feather Gray
Stripe Shower Curtain – Feather Gray (Photo credits: West Elm)

Child Friendly Bathroom Designs:

The bathroom can be a dangerous place especially for young children. Hard floor surfaces either need to be replaced with non-slip textures or anti-slip rugs and mats. There are many dangerous and sharp items in a bathroom so be sure all medication and sharp instruments are locked up in a wall mounted cabinet which is way out of the reach from any child. Other bathroom measures that should be put into place for the safety of your child consist of:

• Anti-scald devices on taps and shower heads.
• Soft toilet seats.

By taking time to evaluate what you need to make your home a safe place for your children you can minimise the possibilities of an unforeseen accident. Making your home a safe environment does not have to be boring, be creative in how you design your home so everybody in the family can appreciate it.

About the Author: Denelli Italia is a company in the UK that is dedicated in providing quality furniture with contemporary designs. You may check out their products by visiting

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