DIY Quilted Aluminum [Tutorial]

Soooo.. We are at the point on the shasta that I need some quilted aluminum. This is not quite original to our trailer, but it is period correct for a vintage travel trailer, so we’ve decided to remake ours that way.

This was relatively simple.  Basically you need just a few things.

  • A large, flat work area.  Mine is flat, and relatively large, but not really bump free, so I added a thin piece of plywood to make it smooth.  This is important.
  • Aluminum sheet – Here I bought a roll of aluminum flashing from Home Depot for about 16 bucks.  It’s 20″ x 10′, so just right for the amount I need.
  • A screen roller – This is used to repair window screens.
  • A straightedge –  I used a 4 ft level as it was just the right width to make the design I want.
  • An angle finder/ speed square – This depends on the design you are doing, but this is what worked for me.

In the video below I explain what I did.  Very simple, cheap, and effective.

While this was something that I used in the vintage camper, there are a number of different ways to use this.  I think I’m going to make some shelve that use this in the accents, as well as some photo frame.  Something for a another video though…




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