The Elf has Left the Building… Thomas goes home

Well.  I have to say that I didn’t think that I would make it this far.  I have been trying to keep up with our Elf on a nightly basis, and it has been hard.  I haven’t exactly been on time with his chronicles, but they are all there.  Tonight will be a compilation of his last week or so with us, and his final farewell.

On Day 24, the last day, it sort of came full circle.  The REAL MEANING OF CHRISTMAS came to being with Thomas… he decided to share it with his friends, the friends that he had gathered from throughout the house, in all of the toy boxes and on all the “other ” shelves.
The real meaning of Christmas as explained by Thomas.
The real meaning of Christmas as explained by Thomas.




When we came home from eating, and eating again at all of the relatives, Thomas had packed his bags.  It was “One More Time” in the words of the late, great Erk Russell.  Thomas the Elf was ready to go back to the shelf in the sky.
Thomas left O and E a parting letter.  And it is an understatement to say that my son was sad for him leaving.  I think his exact words were “this is going to be the worst Christmas ever”…. Why son ?  “Because we won’t see Thomas for another year”……
Dear O and E, My time with you this Christmas Has come to an end It’s been fun making magic And seeing you again You’ve taken such good care of me I hate to say goodbye But Santa needs me back at the North Pole And now I’ll tell you why Today we’re having a party To celebrate Jesus’ birth You see this Christmas giving Started with Him first God gave us the greatest gift That first Christmas day When He gave the world His son To show us the way So while I’ve had fun playing And making mischief the whole night through The true purpose of my visit Is to remind you that “GOD LOVES YOU” Merry Christmas & see you next year!!! I will miss you very much! Love,  Thomas
So I guess having said that, we can deem the Thomas of 2013 a success. Until next year, you will be missed greatly Thomas…
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