Elf on the Shelf 2013: Day 13, Puzzled

At first when we met Thomas (last Christmas) we were a little concerned that he wasn’t the brightest Elf on the Shelf.  He didn’t seem like he had it all together, but boy were we wrong.  We found out last night just how GENIUS he is!  

He does seem to have an affinity for cars, much like my son.  We came home to another one of his creations involving, a puzzle.  My son (coincidentally) is also a big puzzle kid and he really likes the challenge of putting them together.

Even at the peak of his brilliance, or that he ran out of time before the muggles were back in the house, he didn’t quite make it to the finish of this puzzle.  My son was able to help him out with it, no problems though.  He was happy to give Thomas a hand with it, while being oh so careful not to touch him.  That would mean bad news… never touch the Elf!



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