Family Road Trip Roundup 2015 Part 1

Well, it has been a while since we returned, so I figured it was about time to do a Road trip roundup of our adventures this summer.  We recently finished building our teardrop camper and decided that it was time to take a LONG trip.  Not 2 or 3 or even 7 days, but a long haul of 16 nights.

We live on the coast, so we are locked in and must go N, S, or WEST.  We decided on heading west.  Moving was the name of the game, and as you will see, throughout the entire trip, we never stayed more than 2 nights in the same location.  That kept us moving, but it also made for a slightly modified plan as far as cooking and eating went.

Day 1 – July 2

Day 1 took us out from home on the GA coast to head west toward LA (The state, not the left coast). We have family in Lousiana, so we figured that would be a great place to visit while on our trip.  We left out about 7:30 with all we could pack in.  Ready or not here we come!

Leaving for a Roadtrip


Our trip went pretty well, and we were able to make it to our first destination in the FL panhandle before too late.  Too late for us is when the kids are starving and everyone is ready to get out of the car.

Florida Welcome Sign

We decided that the Pensacola area looked interesting so we decided to checking to Big Lagoon State Park for the night (actually 2).  Once we got to the campsite and things were setup, we decided to make what my wife calls walking tacos .

Well, we call them walking tacos that are supposed to be fritos in a bag covered with your choice of toppings.  These are more of a lounging taco because they are spread out on a plate.

Let’s just face the music here, getting the kids to keep these things in a bag while consuming them is futile!  The plate is the way to go.  I know the idea of eating off of a plate is not as pinterest pleasing, but it works and the kids love it!


And no, we don’t drink Listerine with dinner, but it does a pretty good job at keeping the bugs away!

We had a little time to explore the park, which was a good thing, because the kids were ready to get OUT OF THE CAR.  Nothing like a 6 hr plus ride to get the kiddos all hyped up.


An osprey I spotted overhead with it’s dinner to go

We stayed at Big Lagoon State Park for 2 nights.  Needless to say in July it was HOT!  No worries though as we had AC to sleep in, but cooking over an open fire was not on my list of things I was jumping up to do.

Here are a few more Pics from our time in Pensacola




Next up on Day 2, we venture out into Pensacola to Tour the National Naval Aviation Museum.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get more info on our travels.  


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1 thought on “Family Road Trip Roundup 2015 Part 1”

  1. Brian, this is awesome! I have been lookin for a DIY build exactly like yours. I did a tent camping road trip with the family last year and all the setup and take down time wore me out, the teardrop is the way to go! I am sold on the idea and I am currently gathering info and hope to start building in the next couple months. I have some concerns though, you mentioned your regal eagle weighs in around 2000 lbs. how hard does it hit the MPG on the pilot? I saw a video of the camp-inn and the tow vehicle (also a Honda pilot) was only losing 2 mpg’s with the car and camper loaded, I was impressed. I have avoided a traditional camper towing cross country at 9mpg isn’t of interest to me. The area dynamics play a huge part i’m told but there isn’t a lot of info for these larger builds, I’d love to get your input. I also have come ideas I’d like to run by you and get your feed back is it ok to email you directly! Thanks for all the great info on your website!

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