Five Creative Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Five Creative Sweet 16 Party Ideas

by guest blogger Gila Cohen

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Turning 16 is one of the greatest moments in a girl’s life. Being an extra- special day, there
is every need to ensure that everything works out as planned. For instance, the date of the
event must be scheduled accordingly to ensure that all the invited guests can make it. It
is also important to ensure that the location of the event can comfortably accommodate
everyone. A sweet 16 party would also be a blast when there is an appropriate guest list
coupled with the right themes and entertainment.

When organizing a sweet 16 party, there are many ideas that can make the event a
memorable one. Nonetheless, what makes it more memorable is creativity, which makes
it stand out from the other birthdays. The bad news is that many organizers are usually
devoid of ingenious ideas that make the party a unique one. Below are some of the creative
ideas for a sweet 16 party:

Masquerade party

One of the most creative ways of staging a sweet 16 party is a masquerade party. The
interesting element of such a party involves all the guests wearing disguises. The organizers
would be required to spell out a set of rules that govern the conduct of the guests. With
regards to the venue, dark colors would be appropriate in aligning it with the theme of
the party. Dance music could compliment the masquerade theme while guests could be
designing their own costumes. Part of the itinerary could also include a trip to the shopping
mall to buy gifts for the lucky girl. Taking pictures is also a predominant part of masquerade
parties—organizers can engage the services of professional photographers (click here).

Pool party

Pool Party
Pool Party (Photo credit: philipp daun)

For girls who would fancy an outdoor event, a pool is a good idea. It is suitable for a warm
day where guests get to cool off in the pool while participating in games and activities. The
birthday girl should be honored by decorating the venue with her favorite colors. If you
have enough in the party budget, hiring her favorite celebrity or DJ would also score you
some major brownie points. Pool parties should have a casual feeling, which is exemplified
by such things like disposable utensils, plates and cups, and barbeque foods.

Creative themes

Another viable idea is a party built on a creative theme that is somehow connected with the
birthday girl. For instance, you could opt for a Hollywood-themed event complete with a red
carpet leading to the living room. Another theme party could be a candy bash, which could
be made up for a piñata game, different kinds of candy, games related to candy, etc.

Movie marathon

A movie marathon night could also be a great idea. Invite the birthday girl’s friends over for
a fun night of watching her favorite movies and eating pizza, popcorn, nachos and other fun
movie snacks. For an extra bonus, host the party on a weekend and turn the movie night
into a sleepover party by asking all the guests to bring pajamas and sleeping bags. Just be
prepared for a night of giggling!

Formal parties

You could also go the traditional route with a formal party. This involves presenting a
birthday cake with 17 candles, which are all symbolic of her past, present and future life.

Each of the candles is lit by her best friends and family members. Apart from this, the
festivity would involve music and buffet dinner. Ask the guests to dress in their fanciest
clothes, and serve the teens fancy (non-alcoholic) drinks. It will be a memorable evening!


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