Going Coastal this Weekend for a little Geocaching Arrgh!!!

Geocaching, what is that you might ask?  Well, it somewhere between a treasure hunt, and a geek convention with a mixture of games and prizes.

Geocaching uses a GPSr,  or GPS as they are known to the muggles (and that’s not a direct Harry Potter reference) to find hidden containers.  The containers are often hidden in the woods at a local park, but may also be in other locations in an urban environment.  Inside of the container is a log book for you to log your “find” or smiley.  Also included are trinket for trade, travel bugs to discover or move along and sometimes even a prize if you happen to be the FTF (that would be first to find).

Why is Geocaching a family affair

Myself and my family have been involved in geocaching for a little over 3 years now.  Why you might ask?  Well, we have seen the world, or at least our part of it while geocaching.  Geocaching is based around historical sites and local oddities and many times will take you to see these while on the hunt for your next find.

One of the type of geocaches is an “event cache” .  This type of cache is more about the meeting of other cachers and sharing stores rather than finding a container.  Some events are just a “meet and greet” and will have a few (sometimes just a half dozen or so), and other are “MEGA EVENTS”.  


Mega events are events that draw cachers from many different states and even countries, and have an expected attendance of 500 or more geocachers.  


What makes it a MEGA Geocaching Event


Video Courtesy of Chip Thomas
The Going Caching Crew has, for the last 3 years put on one heck of an event at the Skidaway Island State Park in Savannah, GA.  Known as “Going Coastal”, this event has grown rapidly since it’s first crowd and has now found it’s way to MEGA status.  It is the first, and so far the only mega geocaching event in Georgia.

The event is actually a series of events over the course of 4 days of fun!  It is a pirate theme ARRRRRRHHH , so if you like pirates then THIS is the place to be for a geocaching treasure hunt.  Featured events include the “Plunder Run”, “Club Scallywag” and the “So you want to be a pirate” talent show. And remember I mentioned prizes.  This year there are over $6000 in cash and prizes for participants in the the many events!



We are heading out this afternoon, so we have already missed some of the events, but hey work does seem to get in the way most times!  I will post some photos on Monday of the event, so check back if you would like a little more info on geocaching.

Who knows, we might get lucky and meet the Geocaching mascot, Signal the Frog



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4 thoughts on “Going Coastal this Weekend for a little Geocaching Arrgh!!!”

  1. I’m really glad your blogging about this. I’ve been caching for many years and when I want to talk about it people tend to go…WHAT?? lol!! Its so much fun, you get out of the house, do these “treasure hunts” and get your exercise while doing it. =D You just need your gps and the caching website and your off! I just love your blogs. <3

    1. Thanks. We have been MANY places that we wouldn’t have been to if it weren’t for geocaching. Check back on Monday, I will post a follow up with photos from this year’s event.

  2. Hi Brian, My family loves geocaching. It’s like a real-world treasure hunt. Sometimes we include my father and make it a three-generation event.

    What’s really cool is to think that there are treasures hidden around the world, that are yours to find if you just know how!

    1. We have been with all of your parents included and for the most part they usually have a good time. I really like events, we have great group of cachers in this area and it’s nice to get together and share stories. Do y’all do events as well, or just hunting for caches?

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