How Pinterest Saved Mother’s Day


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Well, mother’s day has come and gone.  And like any other holiday, being a guy, it is a really nervous time for me.  Not this year though, Pinterest to the rescue!!!!!

You know those people that purchase their Christmas gifts in July, those people that purchase their birthday gifts about 9 months in advance.  You know the ones that I am talking about. They have planners, stickey notes, and organizers for their planners.  They have everything in a perfect place in their house.  You can tell it when you walk through the front door.  The air seems almost too clean to breathe.


I am NOT one of those people.  I buy 95% of my Christmas gifts within a week (or heck within a couple days) of Christmas.  My planner and organizer was opened the day I got it, and is now at the bottom of the stack of stuff that sits on my desk.

Speaking of stacks, those ARE MY ORGANIZATION.  Without stacks, their would just be a pile, and hey, THAT wouldn’t be organized at all now would it??  That’s another topic though.


How do Mother’s Day and Pinterest Intersect

So, mother’s day, yes, the day we recognize mothers around the world. Not just our own, but all of them.  I am fortunate to still have my mom around and hope to for many more years.  She not only is a great mom, she is also a great grandmother and a great person to get to know.

My wife has stepped up in every way that you can think of as a mom.  She fills in all of the spots (and there are many) that I don’t even know I am missing, and does and outstanding job at it.  She is mother to our 2 children as well as our 3 babies that didn’t make it to see us.  Another topic, another time…

So Pinterest.  Yep, you know it.  It has wasted the time of more women around the world than an Oprah rerun.  Depending on the stats you read, about 70-90+ percent of the users on Pinterest are women.  This is slowly decreasing, but it is still heavily a woman’s social network.

So, it would only makes sense, if you want to know what mom wants for mother’s day, where else would you go BUT Pinterest!

I asked my almost 4 yr old son what he wanted to get mom for mother’s day, and his response was “flowers and a ladybug”.. Hum…”well that’s a start” I thought.  My wife has (no exaggeration) about 150 different types of ladybug paraphanalia around the house.  Everything from stuffed animals, to salt and pepper shakers to jewelry, so let’s not get her another ladybug .  

I did a little pinterest searching and came up with a way to make ladybugs out of feet, yes, feet.  So next thing you know I have 2 kids, under the age of 4 on the kitchen counter, red paint, black paint, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Well, it turned out well, actually a little better than I expected.


"Happy Mother's Day" (bottom) "Love Owen and Emmeline" (top).  A little rough, but not bad for a 3 yr old.

Pinterest – if can’t beat them, join ’em

Yep, I have to confess.  I am one of the small number of chromosomes on Pinterest.  I don’t surf it a lot, but see it more as a tool.. at least in this case.

If you are trying to figure out what a woman wants, then turn to pinterest.  IT IS ALL THERE.  Right in front of you!  That is why women like it, it photos to share with their friends!  It’s glitter, it’s glamour, it’s all the things I’m not.  What it is though, is a roadmap.  It’s an open book of things that your wife, girlfriend, or mom wants for themselves.  If you want to know what to get your wife for her birthday, mother’s day, or Christmas, chances are she has “pinned” it on pinterest.

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