[Infographic] National Parks Offer More for Less Money

[Infographic] National Parks offer More for Less Money

Many times we forget about all of the wonderful natural resources that we have around us.  The National Parks are one example of a great resource that we all have access to.  The best part about it is that there are many different regions of the country that have great national parks with great activities to participate in.  They other part, which I really enjoy, is that many times there are great ways to enjoy them that won’t bust the budget.  Below is a great infographic that found via credit donkey .  Take a look at it and let me know what you think .  I love all park systems, bother local, state and national!  What are some of your favorite?

national parks

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2 thoughts on “[Infographic] National Parks Offer More for Less Money”

  1. I enjoyed the infographic, but I had to open in separately, it would have been good if you could increase the size when adding it.

    Btw, a very nice infographic!! I have subscribed to your blog and expecting more infographics via mail.

    Do you have topic specific subscription options? If yes, please let me know.


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