Jolt Sensor Monitors head trauma in Athletes

As parents we are the keepers of our kids.  We try to teach them not to put themselves in dangerous situations.  We warn them of potential hazards in life, and show them how to stay out of trouble.  One part of my job as a dad, is to also protect them while they play sports.  Increasingly, there are higher numbers of kids that are receiving head and neck injuries while playing sports.

The symptoms of a hard hit aren’t always apparent immediately to either the athlete or the coaches/trainer, and as a result many times a kid will “play through it” and not realize the serious injury that has already occurred. It is very important that once a concussion has happened, that the athlete be taken out and assessed.  He or she should not return to the field until they have been seen by proper medical personnel.    


THIS is where the Jolt Sensor comes onto the field :

The jolt sensor is a two part solution that aims to help parents and coaches detect when their child receives a strong impact to the head, possibly even a concussion.

  • The first part of the system is the sensor that is worn by the athlete.  It is placed on the head of the athlete, worn inside protective headgear.  Is it small, unobtrusive, lightweight, and otherwise not noticible while it is being worn.  It senses jolts and hits that are taken, and will vibrate if a harder than normal hit is received.
  • The second part of the Jolt system is the smartphone app.  It will received notifications from the sensor when a hard “hit” is sensed, letting the parent, coach, or trainer know that the athlete may need to be taken out and assessed.  It can store this data, which can later be reviewed by doctors if needed.


As a parent this seems like a no brainer!  A device that will monitor for hard hits, notify when there is an issue, and then store the data.  This is a device that would be well worth the added cost to just about any set of sports equipment.  It is something that would almost be mandatory, IMHO, for players of kids football teams.


So I bet your next question is “Where do I get one?” Well, that is where you come into the picture.  The Jolt sensor is currently in the later stages of development, and the developers are looking for funding to finish the project and bring them in to full production.  If you would like to get your Jolt sensor before they are available to the general public, then consider checking out their Kickstarter page here.


If you don’t have a child that you would specifically like to buy a sensor for, you can “give a sensor” to another child through the campaign as well.  It will be sold at a discounted price, since you are giving it to someone else (pretty cool deal if you ask me!)

Whether or not you “get a sensor”, or “give a sensor”, you can still vote via social media for the team that you would like to receive the sensors that are given.  Just go to the Jolt sensor voting page and vote for your favorite team.


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