How I lost my mind on Father’s Day

How I lost my mind on Father’s Day

Generally about once a week, we lose something at the Ramble house. It could be a toy, an earring, a bill (those are nice to lose), or something that is meaningless. Nonetheless we USUALLY find it within a few minutes of searching. Earlier tonight my wife lost an important letter that she had helped by 5 yr old write. Within about 15 minutes of frantic searching, it was discovered… In the recycle bin!

My wife denied having put there as “that would have been stupid”.. why yes it would have if you had done it on purpose, but surely it was an accident… she blamed it on the almost 2 yr old, but I’m placing my bets on an early morning quickly cleanup of the kitchen where it got swept up in the heat of battle with last night’s coke cans and this morning’s empty milk jug.

How does this relate to father’s day you might ask?

Well, for the last hour myself and my wife have been searching frantically for my father’s day gift. A large, glass framed montage of photos of me and the kids. I saw it for about 30 seconds yesterday (on father’s day), but was quickly distracted by breakfast in bed that was delivered by “the boy”. I set it down beside the bed (so I thought) and a couple of hours ago decided to go and fetch it, maybe even hang it on the wall… but where the heck is it??

I mean it’s big, like 11×14 big! You don’t just lose something this size. My first thought was maybe I slept on in it. Not an obvious guess, considering IT’S GLASS, but hey why not lets strip all the sheets off the bed and look for it??? ┬áSo we did.

Next thought: Maybe it’s leaning up against the wall, you know, where it won’t get stepped on, or broken otherwise by one of the kids playing let’s kill my sibling.


Next: Maybe it’s in the trash can, where we found the other letter just a couple hours before. it would be a tough fit, and a strange place for “the girl” to hide it, but it’s worth a look.


Maybe I am just getting old, thought I received such an awesome gift for father’s day, have been sleeping for the last 30 hours and this is all a dream?? Or maybe…..

I just lost my everloving mind at the ripe old age of 37 and will never find it? Because as of right now, 2 hours after having started turning the house upside down, it is nowhere to be found.


What have you lost that you later found? I want to hear it! Convince me that I am not crazy as a soup sandwich.

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2 thoughts on “How I lost my mind on Father’s Day”

  1. LOL! I am still searching for my sanity. I have 3 kids… this is all too familiar to me. I do recall a lost peanut butter sandwich years ago (my nephew) we later found it in the VCR.

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