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Mom and Valentines Day = win! with the lowest priced unlimited plans from Walmart

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With Valentines Day just around the corner, I knew that My mom was in dire need of a new mobile phone. I mean really, her old one would work, as long as you 1. didn’t want her to answer it. or 2. Only needed her to read your text message, not actually respond.  She has been in a contract for some time now with the “other company” and just went month-to-month and didn’t want another contract.  I had heard that Walmart has the cheapest wireless plans and that is just what she wanted.  It is one thing to get her a new mobile phone, but who wants to be locked into a contract?  That’s not a very nice gift, in fact long term, it’s a deal breaker.  Luckily I went to Walmart and they had one of the lowest priced unlimited plans that I had seen.

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I know what you are thinking…. HUGE upfront costs, right?  Nope!  I bought my mom a very nice Android smartphone for less than $80 bucks.  AND, there’ s no contract!  She can discontinue or change her service anytime she wants, no strings attached!  How much easier could it be?  AND With tax season being here, what better way to spend that return.

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Looks like Walmart Family Mobile to the rescue! I had a few minute on my lunch break so went to Walmart.  I walked in the store, and immediately to the right was the mobile phone section.  I grabbed a phone, made a break for it and I was out the door in less than 10 minutes.  This was the easiest mobile phone purchase have ever made.  There was no pressure from a pushy salesperson, no questions about my “needs” for a mobile phone, and did I mention NO CONTRACT.  It was like picking out a new shirt.  Just that simple.

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Mom had told me that she wanted a mobile phone with a larger screen, and a little more “pep” to it. Something that would get her out of the stone age of mobile phones and into 2014. I checked out the reviews, the price, and the features, and the Evolve was the answer for staying connected with Mom. #collectivebias


Like I said before, having the new phone is great, but staying connected with Mom long term is what is important for us.  A family mobile plan that has the cheapest rates is what is important to her.  Great thing is, these rates are 5 bucks cheaper for each additional phone!  


Are there better phones out there… maybe.  But for the price, this is really a great deal!  You get a great phone (and there are others to choose from, including the iPhone), one of the cheapest unlimited plans out there, and there is (let me repeat it) no contract with #familymobile !


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2 thoughts on “Mom and Valentines Day = win! with the lowest priced unlimited plans from Walmart”

  1. Your Walmart has a nice family mobile store!

    You are right- there might be better ones out there but… for the price? It’s unbeatable. The phone is the right price and the plan is the right price. I decided to cut my expensive mobile plan out of my life! I can still get another iPhone and connect it through them!

    I bet your mom will love the phone (and the dirt cheap price of the plan!)


  2. My grandma was looking at smartphones since she’s joined facebook just to keep up with what we’re doing and not have to log in on her desktop when she’s home. I need to show her what Walmart Family Mobile offers! #client

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