I made the Team! A Milestone for Me!


The team!? Yeah, about a month or so ago I was asked to be apart of the Netflix #streamteam. My thoughts were, well, just one. HECK YES!

Why not? I like good TV shows, I enjoy an occasional dude flick, and I really like to spend time with the family while doing all of these, so here we are.  I’m on the team, a milestone for me, as it is my first regularly scheduled gig in the world of blogging.  How appropriate, since this month, as a part of the #streamteam, I am looking back on some of our family milestones. .

One milestone that immediately comes to mind is with my son, “The Boy” as I call him, and his first venture without his training wheels.

Just after his 5th birthday, he told me repeatedly.  “I want to ride without my training wheels daddy”..

Yeah right! I thought… As I knew we wasn’t quite up to speed with what it actually took to ride without training wheels.  I mean, the physics involved in keeping two tires spinning and upright, while being jerked side to side by a 50 lb 5 yr old riding atop them is REALLY involved.  Nevertheless I let him try, fully expecting bloody knees and a trip to the ER within a few minutes.

Boy was I wrong.

“The Boy” took off like Lightning McQueen on speed…. and he didn’t look back.

I remember right after he finished his first “solo” ride, I took him to the side and told him that he would eventually fall.

“Fall?” He asked.  “Yes, fall.  You have to take your time and ride slow, because you are new at this and when you least expect it, you will fall,” I explained.  “You might even skin your knee a little, but the important thing is that you learn from it and you get better.”  These were the words of cautioned encouragement that I offered him to which his reply was.


Wow.. he must have really heard me.  I just told him there might be blood, and his response was “OK”.


So, this month, Netflix is featuring ton of shows and movies that are milestones that I’m sure your family can relate to.  Just a few of our family’s favorites are listed below.



super why

For as long as I can remember, my son, and now my daughter have both been watching Super Why!  I like the show (for my kids) because every episode has a theme or meaning that it emphasizes.  Topics such as Manners, Giving, Cleaning up, and Taking turns are discussed.  There is even an episode the milestone of Losing Your First Tooth: Super WHY: S01E10, The Story of the Tooth Fairy.  I think my son might need to pull that one up on Netflix, he’s getting close!



Arthur is another favorite with our family.  Both of our kids love to watch this curious Aardvark conquer some of life’s toughest challenges.  Another quality show that I don’t mind either of the kids watching while on their own at the house.


mighty ducks d2

If you are a fan of sports movies, or just a fan of the underdog, then D2 The Mighty Ducks might be the flick for you.  After Gordon Bombay is put out of hockey with a hurt knee, he is tasked with being the hockey coach for Team USA.  He has a new milestone to set, and quite the battle to do it, but he doesn’t give up.  Just the movie to watch with your teenagers.


Who doesn’t love a little DDD? (Diners Drive-ins and Dives).

I have watched this show since it’s first season, and have loved every episode. I think I can gain 10 pounds on demand just from watching a few episodes.  There are so many different themes covered from best BBQ to East Coast Comfort food.  There is a genre of food for just about anyone.  I’ve often caught myself drooling and grabbing for a napkin while watching this show!


What are some of your favorite shows or movies to watch on Netflix?  Leave a comment below and let me know.


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