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An epic word in my book.

How did I ever live without it? It seems like a staple in my everyday life. I drink coffee, and lots of it, morning coffee and then sometimes later in the day. It is the way that I start every ( good) day, and often how I end my day. Millstone® coffee and Mr Coffee ® have teamed up with Walmart to bring you an exceptional trio.  The Optimal Brew™  drip coffee maker and an outstanding selection of coffee from Millstone®.

Coffee isn’t just “Brewed”, it takes a journey, much like the journey that I take every morning before that first sip hits my mouth.  It must be grown, in very specific conditions, in a very specific region of the world.  It takes time and care to produce just the right bean that must then be harvested and roasted to perfection.  The last step that seals the deal is a great brewing of the ground beans to just the right temperature. #CoffeeJourneys

My journey is a daily one, and it starts most days with a subtle, but flavorful cup of brew.  I like my coffee to be robust, but I don’t like a dark or burnt tasting flavor.  Millstone® has just the taste that I am looking for, and along with Mr Coffee ®, this is exactly what I need to start my day off right.

I started my journey here, at walmart. I purchased a Mr Coffee® Optimal Brew 10 cup coffee maker and a couple of packages of Millstone ® , Kona roast coffee. #CollectiveBias

coffee aisleMrCoffee aisle


Some cool and useful features of the Mr Coffee® Optimal Brew ™ system that this Dad likes

This thing has a large removable water reservoir . I like that because  I can keep it nice and clean, something that is difficult to do with other coffee makers.

Water Resevoir


One of the features that makes this unique, and that I think is a safety feature, is the insulate carafe. The reason is twofold:

1. It is virtually unbreakable.

2. It can’t be left on.  I can’t count the number of times that we have left home and I instantly ask my wife, “did you turn the coffee maker off”?  The Optimal Brew system doesn’t contain an external  heating element. As soon as the coffee is finished brewing, the machine is off. No more worrying about burning down the house.  Mom likes that too.

10 cup carafe


One of the worst things for the flavor of coffee, is the chlorine that is present in most tap water.  I have performed side-by-side comparisons of this, and you wouldn’t believe the difference that a water filter makes for the taste of the final brewed product.  The filtration system takes care of virtually all of that.



The water filter is actually located on top of, and is attached to, the slide in filter cup. 


If you would like to see how my coffee journey ends up, check out the instagram video below.  A nice cup of coffee, especially Millstone® coffee, is a tough thing to beat.

So, all this sounds great right!!!  How about a chance to win your own Mr Coffee® Optimal Brew™ coffee maker, and package of Millstone® coffee?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


If you simply cannot wait, and would like to check them out NOW.  Go to your local Walmart or shop online at to get your very own MrCoffee® Optimal Brew™ coffee maker and Millstone® coffees.

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