3 Reasons I stay away – My Rant on Walmart -only for the kids

I know, I know, I am not the first person on God’s green earth to post a rant on walmart.  NO WAY, NO HOW!  <—-That’s is the begining of my rant on walmart!

When I travel to a store, I want to keep it pretty simple.  I want to go in, get what I want (and reasonably expect them to have), pay for it, and leave.  Why is this so difficult sometimes?  I can say that in the last 3 1/2 years (since my son was born) I only go to Walmart for him, or now my daughter.  There is nothing that I want there bad enough to brave it for any other reason.

Why don’t I rant on Target, or some other store?

They just don’t deserve it.  I mean they aren’t perfect, but for the most part they have good customer service, they HAVE what they are supposed to have, and they are usually fast at getting me out the door.  Can’t say the same for Walmart!!

It seems inevitable, I need something, it’s 2am and the only place that is open and should have it is ….. WALMART!!  I tell myself I won’t go back there, but I do, I can’t help it.. they are usually pretty cheap, and I’m all about a bargain.. so off I go!

Last night, baby sister (as my son calls her) had her last bottle at 6am….No more formula, none, nada.  So do I A. Go back to sleep. B. Wait until she really needs it (bad idea) C.  Get up with the roosters and go to the big “W”.

I chose “C”., not sure why, like I said last time I went in there I told myself I would never go back, but this time it would be different right, I would walk in, grab what I needed, and get out the door after flying through the checkout, RIGHT??

NOPE, that would be too easy…



#1 They don’t have it!

All I needed was 1 dry container of a specific formula, and what did I see when i went to the formula section?  You guessed it!, everything BUT the formula that I needed.  See here is where I have an issue, not with the fact that they don’t have what I need.  I understand that stores run out of a particular product from time to time.  That is perfectly normal!  BUT, I can guarantee, with a 99.998 % certainty, that if I go back in that same store in about 2-3 week, they will still be out of that same formula.  WHY?? do you not get in a shipment of it but once a year, do you not KNOW that you are out?  I mean , you should  (I would think), know exactly how much of just about anything you have in stock, either on the shelf, or in the back.


What I Tink :  Keep the shelves stocked with the products that you carry.  If you can’t keep them stocked, then DON’T CARRY THEM.  I’m not in here for games, I want to give you my business !


#2 Disgruntled Employees

I don’t think that I have been in another store where a higher percentage of the employees, especially those in a customer service position, look more ticked off!  Why do you put the most unfriendly person in the position of taking care of the customer?

Heaven forbid I ask for some help, or ask where I can find something.  “huh… um, we ain’t got that”..   Or they tell me to go look on the shelf one isle over where I just left (from looking).

What I Tink: I understand that you too have to put up with stupid all day, but that is part of your job.  That is where you should excel, at making the customer happy when they leave.  Do I mean give them everything that they want, give them a full refund for something that they didn’t buy at that store?  NO, just make they happy so that they will shop there again.  AND SMILE!  It won’t kill you.


#3 The most interesting people are always at Walmart.

By “interesting”, I mean WIERD!  I mean heck, you have a website named after you, peopleofwalmart.com ?  How much more fitting can it be?

What I Tink: I never leave Walmart that I don’t think, 1. Do they have a mirror 2. Do they think that looks appropriate for public 3. Do they just not care ?


#3a – Drunk people are funny.

Go into any local Walmart late on a Friday or Saturday night, but late I mean around 2am (yes i have been there).  You will find every type of drunk that you can think of..It seems that they NEED to congregate with their DD (but also drunk, just a little less) buddy at the chips and dip section on aisle 7.

If they aren’t looking for food, they are hanging out in the magazines, browsing through the sporting goods section, or looking for deodorant (go figure).  I guess these are all things that fly through your head when you have a couple or a couple dozen too many.

What I Tink:  I guess ALL of Walmart isn’t bad, I mean heck, drunk people are fun to watch to some extent.

And then there is Christmas time. or the “Holidays” if that suits you…. but that is another post for another day.  I just don’t have it in me right now.  But needless to say, there is a special kind of crazy at walmart around that time of the year.

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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons I stay away – My Rant on Walmart -only for the kids”

    1. It’s like it never ends. Every time I go in there it is something different. Either they are out of what I need, or someone is rude beyond belief.

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