NeonGeo as new Android alternative for geocaching


If you haven’t checked out NeonGeo, I urge you to!   It is one of the few apps out there that takes advantage of the Geocaching API, and it does a good job at it.

When you open the app, you get a very basic home scree with 4 choices.  This holds true to the KISS method… google it.

The integration with API seems to be great with this geocaching app.  Syncing with PQ’s, trackables and profile data is done in real time.  You can log trackables with a cache, add favorite points and even add photos to the log, all within the app. 

 These are all things that have seemed to trouble other apps, official or not, and they seem to be handled very well with Neongeo.


One feature that jumps out as being very helpful is the ability to see the cache map overlayed with the compass/distance indicator.  I like this because I like walking or driving to a cache, but then switching to a compass as I get closer to enable me to see a distance to GZ.  This is something that Neongeo handles very well.

The navigation screen is very clean an uncluttered.  The closest caches are displayed at the bottom, and the number which are displayed can be adjusted to your liking.


Another feature that sort of adds “cool factor” to the app is that ability to turn on “Follow Me”  This enable your icon on the map, and your location will be visible to others while you are caching.  You can pull this up from the home screen under then “Geocaches” button.


On the cache page you have all the information you need, including favorite points and attributes.  Photos (not pictured on this particular cache) show up very well and as formatted on the the webpage.

A couple of features of note accessible from the cache page are

1. Menu->Personal cache note.  This is helpful when solving a puzzle or entering info if you want from the cache page, and it will appear in both places, the app and the desktop page.  Very useful !

2. Also, Menu-> personal waypoint. Another handy feature for entering waypoints directly from the cache page.

I like the ability of Neongeo to cache maps. This is good if you know you are going to an area with poor data coverage.

I like to turn on the WiFi at home and cache all these pages before I leave if I know the specific are that I am going to be caching in.  Again, very useful feature to have.

Also, you can scroll to an area of the map, press the cache button on the top right of the screen and load caches for that area.  When you scroll to another part of the screen and come back to the original screen, those caches are still there.


Overall I like what I see in this geocaching app.  It combines some of the very useful features out there from some of the other android apps for geocaching.  If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it.  In my opinion it is well worth the 4.26 which I paid for it.


Price : 4.26 USD
App Website :
Market Link : Neongeo 

Other interesting reviews about neongeo :

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