Netflix for August 2015 #StreamTeam

Whew… I almost missed it. I have been hard at work this past month, Between recovering from our trip half way across the country, to stuff going on at home, I have been slammed. I almost missed my Netflix release update for August 2015. #StreamTeam

A little random side note. If you haven’t checked out House of Cards on Netflix, DO IT NOW. The wife and I just started this Netflix original last night, and by the time my head hits the pillow tonight, I hope to be through at least the first 5 episodes.

This month on Netflix it is (was) all about the final countdown of summer. Vacation is over and the kids are back to school. I am married to a teacher, so it works out very nicely for my wife to have the summers off with the kids. BUT I know there is a small part of her that is glad that she can get back to the grindstone and let the kids go to grandma’s house and to school. Although there have been times that we have talked about her staying home and caring for the kids full time, it just isn’t in the cards for us right now.

I will be honest, if I were a SAHD I would pull my hair out after about 1 week (I meant 3 days).

Out on Netflix August 14th is a new favorite of our kids, DinoTrux.  My son has been glued to the TV, watching all the episodes since it came out.  SO.. a first for him, I asked him to give a short review (well it was more like a question answer session since he is only 6).  See below for a few of his thoughts about it.


Also out on Netflix this month, there are a number of other titles.  One that was a favorite of mine when I was a kid was Reading Rainbow.

reading rainbow

I wasn’t a big reader, just never was that kind of kid, but I can say that I watched dozens of episodes of Reading Rainbow as a kid and they were great.  Glad to see that it’s back!

Also a new release on Netflix this month is  Project Mc², a Netflix Original Series.  IF your’s kids need a little extra push to get them interested in science, this is the show for them.  The theme is getting girls interested in and providing reassurance that they can excel in science and math.  Go check it out here.

mc squared


That is about it for August 2015 on Netflix.  Stay tuned though, more great stuff coming up very soon, it’s almost September!


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