Netflix Nostalgia for June 2015 #StreamTeam

It’s what binds us together. It brings back memories from when you were a kid. A cool commercial, a great movie, they are all things that I as a dad, MUST share with my kids.

This was actually a topic, along with classic(al) music, that myself and my wife discussed before we got married. We both agreed that kids need to know about the “oldies”, music and movies/TV shows alike.

Star wars came out when I was minus 1. It’s a must see for me and my son. In fact, I ordered it on Amazon a couple weeks ago and we will be watching it together soon.

ET- Yep, we’re getting that one too.

Friends – Heck, that’s what it was all about with myself and my wife…friends from the beginning. We’ve both seen every. single. episode!  AND in fact are watching while I type.  A classic sitcom if there ever was one.

Saturday cartoons aren’t complete without the Smurfs and He-man!


My son has already taken a liking to Batman, although that one was a hit LONG before my time.

OHHH- And don’t forget, the one, the only!


Netflix 2 Gadget

Not only is it important that my kids continue in the family tradition of enjoying these masterpieces and others, but they MUST watch them so that he gets my strange pop-culture based sense of humor.

I’ll have what she’s having.. ok, well maybe they’re not ready for that one yet.

If you are looking for a few Netflix shows this month to watch with the kids, here are some great ones that (I think) all kids needs to watch just because they are oldies, they are awesome, and they should never go away.


Power Rangers   Inspector Gadget  Scooby Doo Super Mario Bros Garfield

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