Photo of the Day – Mount St Helens

I haven’t done a photo of the day post in a while, so why not now?  I was scrolling through photos from last year and came across my trip to Washington state.  Once of the most “natural” places that I have been to.  We were fortunate enough during off time on the trip to be able to take a day trip out to Mount St Helens.

We chose to go to the Johnston Ridge Observatory.  This is the site of one of the last recorded observations of the volcano before it erupted in.  It’s on the North side of the volcano, and was in the direct path of the eruption. While out here you truly do feel like you are in nature.   You are about 53 miles off of the main highway, and are quite a few miles from other civilivation.  There are a few stops along the way, museums, a lodge (I need to come back here), and numerous overlooks where you stop and take photos.

If you are ever out this way and have a chance, I highly recommend this. Put it on your buck list for sure!



Mount St Helens
Mount St Helens Johnston Ridge Observatory


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