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With tablets slowly becoming the next big thing, it’s not surprising there are a number of different mobile apps out there for browsing news, magazines, social media, or a combination of all.  It is no surprise that many of the leading newspapers in the US are having trouble staying afloat.  Digital media has taken hold, and nearly every reputable news source is available in digital format.  While they are few, there are some newspapers that either don’t sell a digital subscription, or they only sell it with a physical delivery of their printed version.  This is beyond me, but that’s a different discussion for a different post.

Pressreader for Android


If you have an android device with you when you travel,  then there are a number of apps out there that will allow you to browse and download digital media.  A good news app is a must when I travel.  If I am waiting for a flight, waiting for an appointment or just have a few minutes at lunch I need to be connected to news. A while back I reviewed Flipboard for Android.  (see : Flipboard for Android – A Hands on Review).  While flipboard is designed for social media browsing, it is not a news reader if you are interested in specifically reading an online newspaper.

Welcome to Pressreader

When I first downloaded pressreader and installed the app, I was a little hesitant.  It looked very simple, usually this means a lack of features.  This is not the case with pressreader.  It has a very intuitive user interface and is a full featured newspaper reader.

Below is a video courtesy of Pressreader.  It gives a great presentation of how the app works.


Page view


Category View


My Library














What I like about Pressreader :

  •  It’s quick, very responsive, and all the pages render quickly.
  • Highlighted pages can be touched to activate “smart flow”.  This takes you to a more in depth view where you can pinch to zoom in on a particular part of an article and it will instantly make the text bigger.  This is especially useful if you are reading on a smaller (not tablet) device.
  • It features a button to switch between page and category view.  This lets you quickly jump from one section of a paper to another. Again, a very useful feature.


I don’t really have any cons about the app.  I worked through it a few times and it never crashed and was always quick to load the app, render pages and switch between views.

What does it cost?

If you would like unlimited access to over 2000 papers from 95 countries in 54 languages, then the cost is $29.95/mo.

If you are more of a casual reader and would like to pay as your go, you can get access for .99 cents per download.

Where do I get it?

Developer: Website

Get it on Google Play

Get it on Itunes 
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