[Review] Cree and Scooter Hit the Slopes in British Columbia

This children’s book is written by Tammy Sutton-Brown who is a WNBA veteran.  The story is a mixture of fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, fun, and education.  The story of Cree and Scooter begins with Cree getting a new stuffed animal, Scooter, and then the adventure begins.  Cree and Scooter take a trip to Canada and along the way Scooter teaches Cree new French words, and shows her where they are going on a map.  Scooter even teaches Cree about himself, like why he changes colors!

This story draws the young reader in with the colorful illustrations and adorable characters.  Children can discover new words and a little geography without even realizing that they are learning.

Cree and Scooter Cover


While it is a little too long to hold a 4 year old’s attention (my son) enjoyed hearing the story and was ready to finish it the next night.  A fluent reader ages 8 and up would probably get a lot more out of the story than my son did, although he loved it as well.

I can see this book being used by teachers to educate children about Canada and its customs as well as just for reading enjoyment.  It would be a perfect book to read simply to learn that there are other cultures and languages throughout the world.

 Cree and scooter gps

Not only is the book well written and informative, as well as enjoyable, it also supports the Tammy Sutton Brown Foundation.  Founded in 2009, this non-profit organization seeks to empower women and children around the world.  A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the book is donated to the foundation.

 Definitely a book worth buying, and something that I could see my son wanting to read in a series.

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