Runkeeper keeps you running [Review]

There are many different apps out there that will allow you to record the track, distance, time, avg speed etc. of a workout.  It’s tough to pick a great one, but there are definitely a few that stand out from the crowd.  Runkeeper is one of those. 



The main screen of the app let’s you choose which activity you will be tracking, has a tab to view all activities which you have recorded, and also a settings screen.


From the settings screen you can choose units to record in, you can also change / select the audio cues.  This is one feature that runkeeper has that makes it stand out from the crowd.  A personal trainer to guide you along the way.


From the setting menu you also can choose to update your Runkeeper, Facebook or Twitter with your stats.  Very useful to keep your running buddies up-to-date if you have a competition going on.










The primary display has all the important info that you might need to glance at one the fly. Depending on the setting you can either set it to be the pace or the speed.


The readout also shows you the total time, the avg min/mi.  Also you can click on the map button (lower left corner) and see the track on google maps.

If you have the optional heart rate monitor, you have keep a live log of your pulse.  See here  for details.



Although the app is cool, the coolest part (at least to me) is the interface that runkeeper has with the website.  The personal profile information that is available is quite extensive, and is what really makes the app standout.

You can search routes, to show routes in your area that other users have uploaded.  It will give a summary of the route, as well as a map of it if you wish to follow it.  Also you can participate in “Fitness classes” where you can take classes with other runkeeper users, which are developed by expert coaches.

Cost : Free

Android Market : Runkeeper

Developer : Runkeeper


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