Save time with Suavitel® Fast Dry Fabric Softener at Walmart

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As a family we are always looking for family activities to participate in.  This might seem like a simple task, but both myself and my wife work long hours (as so many parents do) and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.  Any time we can find a way to gain a few minutes back into our long days, we take it.  Thanks to the new fabric softener , Suavitel® Fast Dry,  we can now knock a big chunk of time off of what we usually spend doing laundry each week.

Suavitel® Fast Dry™ fabric conditioner brings a unique technology that wicks away water from fabric to help clothes dry 30% faster*! This means: Laundry is done quicker, so you can spend more time with your family and friends. Also has less time in the dryer, which saves energy at home.
  • 82 small loads
  • Clothes dry 30% faster
  • For high efficiency washer

So, I made a quick run by Walmart on my way home from work and grabbed a 135oz (that’s the big one) bottle of Suavitel®.  It took me a few sniffs to decided, but I ended up going with the Fabulous Field Flowers scent. #CollectiveBias

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Next thing (and this was an easy one), was to find a dirty load of laundry when I arrived home for the day.  We had quite a few to pick from, so I decided to go with the khaki’s as they were spilling out onto the floor.


I measured out JUST the right amount of Suavitel® Fast Dry for the load that I had procured.  I went with the maximum amount because I had the washer filled to the brim.


Here was the easiest part.  Fill it up….

Fabulous Field Flowers

Then sit back and wait!

While I was waiting, I quickly thought of what I could do with all the time that I had saved by using Suavitel® Fast Dry.


As a family we love to take a camping trip at least once or twice a year.  We usually keep it relatively close to home, but we do like to get out in the great outdoors and spend some time away while being unplugged. Camping isn’t just the trip itself, but it’s all the prep work on the front end, and all the cleanup when we get home.  Definitely some place that I could use a little extra time.

House Projects

There are numerous, almost endless house project that I need to take a little extra time to do.  The house REALLY needs paining on the exterior.  There are the trees in the back that need to be trimmed before I wake up in jungle.  Also, there is leaky roof that I need to fix.  All I need it time, time, time.

Football games

We are well into football season at the Ramble household.  Being very close to both mine and my wife’s alma mater, we like to attend all the home football games that we can.  Our son really likes the hype of the game, and enjoys a great day of family time together.  “Sister” is not quite old enough yet, but next season she will be tagging along too as we make the trek to cheer “one more time” for the home team.

Back to the laundry

Once my load of pants were done, I took them out and prepared to transfer then to the dryer.  As soon as I opened the washer I was greeted by the refreshing scent of AHHHHHH! Very clean and fresh smelling, but not overpowering or “fake” smelling. #FastDrySaveTime

We don’t normally use fabric softener, and I will say that I definitely could tell the difference in the finished product.  I could smell the difference in the overall scent and feel of my pants compared to a washing without Suavitel® Fast Dry.  They results were much more pronounced and better than I had expected.  Couple that with a faster drying time and we now have more time for family and family related activities.  WINNING!

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  1. I love your washer and dryer! I have the same ones. LOL! And I hear you on the house projects. Right now I am very behind on SO many things! Saving time to do them is great! #client


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