SolunarCast – great app for lunar phases and weather

da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  This is the best way to describe SolunarCast.  It sports few features, but it does these very well..

All outdoorsmen know that the lunar phases and sunrise/sunset times have a huge effect on their lives.  Whether it is hunting, fishing or just general outdoors, these can make or break your trip.  Well I have found an app that will keep you on track.


What you want to see is right there in front of you. The main screen of the app has 3 tabs at the top for week, day or weather view.

Sun and moon – either in day view or week view.

image      image

Weather – The current view shows all the typical stuff you would expect to find, Hi/Low, Wind etc.  All is very clear and straightforward.



Cost :  .99 cents

Market : SolunarCast 

Developer : Email





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