Staying Connected while Being Apart is Easy with Straight Talk

This is a sponsored post, and as such I have received a phone, service, and compensation for my post as part of the #StraightTalkTesters program.  However, all opinions are 100% honest, and are solely mine.

With fall just around the corner… oops. I forgot, we live in the south, fall just happened! Doesn’t quite feel like it yet, but the time of Pumpkins and cooler weather are upon us.

With the cooler weather in the near future, we are looking forward to family gatherings, holidays, and family road trips.  Next weekend as a matter of fact we will take off on another family camping adventure for a few days (OK, a long weekend) about 6 hours or so from home.  We like to stay in touch with the rest of the family while we travel, most times that is through social media.

Rewind back to our last trip:

One thing that I was able to capitalize on while Big Trippin 2015, was the great wireless capabilities of both my Straight Talk Wireless smartphone, and my Sony A6000 camera. Fortunately, I got them just before the trip and was able to practice a bit before setting off. They are now my 2 favorite pieces of electronic travel gear to keep with me at all times.  They keep me connected to family, even when we’re not connected.

Straight talk fall

Let’s start with the Sony A6000

One of the big selling features of the Sony A6000 is that it has built in wireless transfer.  What this allows me to do (among other things) is to shoot a series of photos, transfer them to my smartphone, and then edit on-the-go.  All this is done without the use of a computer.  I can then send them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media of choice.

One big thing that we all don’t like to talk about.  What if I lose my phone, or worse, lose my camera and all the contents of the card?  This is where my Straight Talk Nexus 6 comes in.

One quick preventative plan for that is that while traveling I take the most important photos (the money shots) transfer them to my phone and then send them to my Google Photos backup account.  While this is not a full size backup of the photos, it is a large size (16MP) and if anything were to happen before I got back “on the grid”, I would at least have the highlights of the trip, and have them in high quality.

I remember when we were traveling through Kansas, and I had gotten some great shots of an antelope out on the grassy plains.  We were literally miles from anything inhabitable, but I had photos on my Facebook page within just a few minutes.  The nationwide coverage of my Nexus 6 from Straight Talk coupled with my camera made it super easy.  So easy in fact that the photo below was uploaded just that way:

As well as these from Land Between the Lakes, in Kentucky


How do you stay connected to your family and friends while you are apart?  Social media, text messaging, or the good ‘ole fashioned phone call?

If you would like more information about Straight Talk and how you can get the same phones, on the same networks, at HALF the cost, go check them out at the links below.  Their service continues to impress me and I highly recommend them to all of my friends and family.

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