What is a teardrop camper ? Let’s build one!

Teardrop trailer (Columbia River, Washington S...
Teardrop trailer (Columbia River, Washington State) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I too had the same question.  What is a teardrop camper?  My dad has mentioned to me a couple times in the past that he would like to build a teardrop camper..  ahhh OK!  That’s one of those things that you lie down in, it looks like a coffin, you sleep in it??? Right??

Well, there is a little bit more to it than that!  Recently my aunt bought a teardrop camper and I was amazed at what it could do.  It is small, but there is a lot of “stuff” that can be crammed into a 4×8 sleeping and cooking area.   I did some more research and found out that there were actually larger teardrop (although not in the purest sense) campers that could sleep 4 people.  Myself and the wife have been talking for sometime now about getting a larger tent and upgrading out camping experience.  Maybe this was the way to do it?

Teardrop campers became popular in the 30’s because they were cheap to build and provided enjoyment and an easy way to camp that wasn’t a full size camper.  A basic teardrop camper is based on a 4×8 (that 4 high, 8 feet long) sheet of plywood.  It is normally built on a trailer that is 4 foot wide.  The basic layout provides for a sleeping area for 2 people inside.  the back or galley is the cooking and kitchen area.  Another of the big advantages of the teardrop is that it is really light weight.  Most of them are under a 1000 lbs, and even the largest are less than 1800 lbs.  Something that can be towed by even a compact car.  You don’t need a large tow vehicle(TV) to have  a teardrop camper.  

Teardrop trailer
Teardrop trailer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While this is what the originals were based on, there are many “tiny trailers” that are 6 or even 7 ft wide and can stretch 10 or even 12 ft or longer.  The sky is the limit.  There are now dozens of commercial and semi custom manufacturers of teardrop campers, but there are many who (like myself) want to build their own teardrop camper.  Teardrop campers are found throughout the world, and are very popular in the UK and in Australia.

I talked with my dad (the one who originally mentioned a teardrop camper to me and I laughed) and well, long story short, we are going to build one!

I have found out that, like many other things, there is an enormous amount of information on teardrop campers on the internet.  Everthing from teardrop forums, to teardrop pinterest board, to commercial teardrop manufacturers.  There are dozens and dozens of different styles, designs construction methods for teardrop campers.  If you can think of it, there is proabably a way to build it. 

The design that we plan on building will be big enough for myself, wife and our 2 kids to sleep in.  It will be about 6 ft wide, 5 ft high and 10 1/2 ft long…. yep.. you heard me right.  4 People in THAT!.  The design that we are looking to build will be based off of the Camp-Inn Raindrop design.  Camp-Inn is a custom teardrop manufacturer out of Wisconsin, that makes the Rolls Royce of teardrop campers.  While I like their campers, they are a little pricey, and I just like the idea of building our own. With this design there are 2 bunks in the front cross ways, and a queen size bed in the middle.

Teardrop trailer. Showing kitchen area.
Teardrop trailer. Showing kitchen area. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am still working on the final design for our teardrop camper, but I will post pics of  it here when I have it mostly figured out.  Also, updates will be posted with lots of photos.  Meanwhile, if you would like more information about what a teardrop camper is, checkout TNTTT.com  (Teardrop and Tiny Travel Trailers).  There is more than enough information there to get you started.


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For the full list of article and links, see my page on How to Build a Teadrop .  If you have more questions, please contact me or see my Facebook Page.

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