Why do I LOVE Teardrop Camping?

I frequently blog about teardrop camping, and just camping in general.  We have, over the last year or so, REALLY gotten into camping more as a family.  Part of that I think, is that was have made it easier to camp more.  It has been said before, and no words are more true, but the teardrop that we have built has completely changed our outdoor life as a family.

Some will argue “Well, that’s not a tent, so that’s not camping”.

Bull.. That’s with a capital “B” 

You are outdoors, and you are enjoying God’s creations.  Where you lie your head down at night is irrelevant in my book.

I figured out that the method, or form, of what you call camping can really affect how much you camp; especially with kids.  To me that’s what’s important.

I recently polled the members of the Facebook group that I am a member of and asked what they liked about teardrop camping. These are a few of their responses.

Todd of TCTeardrops– Go anywhere simplicity!

TC teardrops

Kevin – The ease of getting ready to go. Just toss in some food and your go bag and you’re gone

Photo Credit: Kevin
Photo Credit: Kevin

Vallee – The chance to spend some one on one time with my family, with no interruptions.

Kellee of http://www.littlevintagetrailer.com There are so many things I love; The light weight and easy towing, the simplicity, how cozy they are and best of all having the opportunity to gather and enjoy other teardrop owners http://www.littlevintagetrailer.com

Michael – The simple fact, being proud of something you may have built. Being in a different class of trailer owners, fielding a 100 questions when you stop for gas. Feeling like a kid, when you built one bad ass fort!

Photo Credit: Michael
Photo Credit: Michael

Sheila – my favorite thing(s) about our Teardrop. How easy it is to hook up, you never even know you are towing it. How there is almost no set up to camp. Pretty much just crawl in and go to sleep. How neat it is that it is an old concept started after the war. No worry about height issues and bridges.

Shirley – Going anywhere, getting away, simple, yet comfy and ready in a flash.



Nacy – our bed is always dry (even through the most drenching of rains) because we’re off the ground. Can’t beat it.

Photo Credit: Nacy
Photo Credit: Nacy


Lori – I can travel freely. I drive and camp whenever I want and wherever I want to call it a night.  I travel 3-4 days a week so I love the extra space. I took the couch out and keep the solar panel and chairs up front. Everything fits in the trailer so I can fill my car with fine antiques.

Photo Credit: Lori
Photo Credit: Lori

Robin – Being out under a star filled sky in a quiet place among the trees, with only the sound of
frogs and owls. Bicycling on trails with the sweet aroma of pine needles, reminding me of childhood memories.

Chris – The ability, with a small budget, and very few plans to say ‘the heck with it, I am going camping’.

Photo Credit: Chris
Photo Credit: Chris


Vickie – It can go anywhere the truck can go. It has more comfort than we’d ever need but nice to feel pampered as I get older.

Photo Credit: Vickie
Photo Credit: Vickie

Cheri – I have two: A good night’s sleep and the people you meet.

What does Dad Think ?

I have to say, looking back, I can agree with all of these. For us, our camper is just plain and simple. Everything that you need is no more than two steps away from you at any given time. It’s like a house on wheels.  A very, very, small house.

One of the first things that I noticed when I was entertaining the idea of building a camper was that there is almost no breakdown. This is not something that you have in other more traditional forms of camping. We can literally park the camper and be set up in 5 minutes.  AND  All of our gear is inside, with very minimal packing to be done in our TV (Tow Vehicle).

If you are interested in learning more about teardrops, please drop me an email, I’m always happy to talk, or join the Teardrop Camper Group on Facebook.  There are some very friendly and helpful folks over there that will most certainly lead you in the right direction.

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