The BenQ treVolo Review with Video

Music, music everywhere.  As a kid, I had music everywhere.  In my room, on the radio in the car, on the Walkman.

Yes kids, Walkman, think ipod, much bigger, and only about 10-12 songs.  

Yeah, I THOUGHT we had music everywhere.

Then there were CD’s.. they were great, but you still have to have a player, and a speaker, or at the very least earphone (those are called ear buds these days), and wires.

Next we had the Ipod.  You plugged it in, charged it up, put some music on it…. LOTS of music on it, and listened to your music in the car, while jogging, at work.  IT was revolutionary.

When I was contacted by the folks at BenQ a few weeks ago and asked to review their new treVolo bluetooth speaker, it sort of reminded me where I had come from.  The days of the walkman were now cord free, completely wireless, rechargeable, and a lot smaller.

Smaller is where BenQ fit with the treVolo.  You see, the treVolo is an electrostatic speaker.  Without getting too much into the technical aspects of it, I will just say an electrostatic speaker is flat.  Not flat in sounds, but flat in size.  No more HUGE magnet and to deal with.  In fact the treVolo is very portable.

BenQ treVolo

It features a couple woofers in the front, a passive woofer on the side, and 2 fold out (super thin) electrostatic full range drivers.  What this means to you is that you get great sound in a small and portable package.

  • Not only that, but it is wireless.  NO wires are needed to play music on the treVolo.  Gone are the days of plugging in so that you have music.
  • It has a rechargeable battery capable of 12 hours of music on a single charge.  
  • Its Bluetooth, so you can take your Bluetooth enabled Ipod, Ipad, android (like me) or other device with you just about anywhere and stream music to it.

If you aren’t up on the times yet, no worries.  The treVolo also includes the necessary connections to play via mini USB, 3.5 earphone, or pass through to another device.

BenQ treVolo connections

The treVolo includes 3 different “modes” of play (think EQ settings) that allow you to adjust the music

Here is a Short Video I did showing the Features of the BenQ treVolo and a little sample from it.

So, like all the devices that I review, it come down to a couple things.  How do I like them, and would I buy them.  

I will be honest.  This is a GREAT sounding speaker system.  It has great vocal reproduction and wonderful mid and treble range.  The lower end bass tones are a little lacking, but that is not a big surprise for something of this size.  It isn’t really expected to perform in those ranges with a lot of thump.  It does do an acceptable job though.

Would I buy it.

Yes, but with one caveat.

It is a little pricey for what it is.  The BenQ sells for $299 on both the BenQ website, as well on Amazon.  I’m not saying this little thing isn’t worth the asking price, it’s just a little more than what I would normally be willing to pay.

Having said that, it is a great little speaker, seems to be solidly built, and if you are in the market, I would definitely check it out.  It would be a great system for the office, the bedroom, bathroom, or just about any other area of the house.  

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