The Best Cruise Lines for Travelling Families

While touring anywhere with your loved ones is a truly special occasion, nothing is quite as memorable as taking an ocean voyage somewhere exotic. Sail the seas and make the journey as unique as the destinations you’re visiting. Being on a luxury liner is also a lot less constricting than taking a plane, bus or train, a point that will not be overlooked for those parents experienced in travelling with children.

Of course, there is plenty of choice available when choosing a cruise liner for your next holiday. Some of these are better suited to families than others though, so you should be aware of the differences. Below, we will go over a few of the companies which have catered their services to groups of adults and kids.

1. Norwegian. These ships are some of the best for travelling families. Their packages are geared towards those with kids as their luxury liners boast a range of services including childcare and connected staterooms designed for families. The Kids Club is especially unique in that it’s a fun-filled, bonding environment that your children won’t want to leave. This is also free and is open for long enough that you can leave your little ones there and spend some adult time together. There are also plenty of shore excursions and on board activities to keep any kid entertained, plus the buffet meals are sure to keep those young stomachs filled throughout the journey with food that they are guaranteed to love.

2. Carnival.This is yet another fleet of ocean liners which have geared their on-board facilities and travel packages towards the seagoing family. First, their staterooms can hold up to four people, with the third and fourth travelling for a discounted rate. This is perfect for the family on a budget looking for the very best cheap cruises around. Second, there are plenty of youth programs for young kids as well as teenagers. These will keep the little ones entertained while giving the adults some private time together. Lastly, the on-board dining caters to travellers of all ages, with fancy dinners for mum and dad, and 24 hour pizza and ice cream for the kids.

3. Disney. This one is an obvious choice for families thanks to the range of themed cruises on offer. As well as a variety of on-board activities such as karaoke showdowns and night-time movies, you and the kids will also get the chance to meet your favourite Disney characters throughout the ocean journey. There are also plenty of live shows incorporating the traditional Disney magic to entertain and enchant while you and the family sail to your destination. Once at the port of call, you’ll get the chance to partake in a host of exclusive shore activities that both kids and adults will love. All of this will come together to make for the perfect holiday for the whole family.

4. Royal Caribbean. Just because this is the last ocean liner on our list that doesn’t mean that it’s the worst. On the contrary, Royal Caribbean offers plenty to do for the entire family. Some of the on-board staterooms accommodate up to five people and can also include balconies for added luxury. There is also the Adventure Ocean Youth Program plus plenty of fun-filled activities such as wave machines, rock climbing walls, and ice-skating rinks that the kids will love. Finally, the dining options cater to all ages and tastes, making mealtimes a piece of cake. This all makes it easy for you and the family to enjoy every moment while on board your chosen passenger liner.

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