Tips and Tricks to Buying Diamonds for Your Wife

Women just love to wear diamonds, so if you are thinking about buying your wife something special this year, an item of jewellery set with a diamond will surely make the perfect gift.

However, before you go straight to the shops to buy her this most cherished of all precious stones, it is always a good idea to do a little research. This will give you a better understanding of how to select diamonds, as well as how to get the best deals.

Once you have made the decision on what kind of diamond you intend to buy, you can buy direct from high quality online outlets like The Diamond Store. Online stores can offer some great discounts on stones, which can be easily ordered, once you have a good understanding of the basic rules of buying diamonds.

Below we will look at the basic rules of buying diamonds and give you some top tips for getting the best deals.

A scattering of "brilliant" cut diam...
A scattering of “brilliant” cut diamonds shows off the many reflecting facets. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Diamonds are graded by colour as well as by carat and cut. These colour grades run from D to X. The D is the whitest colour and of course the most expensive, whereas the X grade will be more yellow in colour and cost considerably less. A lot of people think that they should buy at least an E or an F grade to get the clear white diamond that is so sought after. However, most experts agree that G to H is more than sufficient for casual diamond wear. The point being that the naked eye cannot really tell the difference between these grades, so if you want to save a little, a lower colour grade would never be noticed.


The clarity of a stone is graded by its imperfections. The grades run from the best to the worst. The best being internally flawless (IF) to inclusions 2 or (I 2).

This clarity grading is commonly misunderstood by many people who often think that they should buy higher grades than they really need. The trick is just to look at the diamond without magnification for just a clean looking stone. If you cannot see any obvious flaws nobody else will either. The money you save on the clarity grade can then be put towards a higher carat stone that people will definitely notice.


Size is important, and you will of course want to get your wife the largest carat stone that you can afford. There is, however, a way to save yourself some money without losing out on size. You can do this by carefully selecting the size of the stone. Prices increase by the point in carats; this means that a 0.99ct stone has quite a significantly lower price than a 1.00ct stone. This applies to 0.39ct to 0.40ct, 0.49ct to 0.50ct and so on. So, by choosing a slightly smaller stone than you originally intended, you can save money that can put towards higher quality clarity or colour.

A rose-cut synthetic diamond created by Apollo...
A rose-cut synthetic diamond created by Apollo Diamond using a patented chemical vapour deposition process. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Cut

The cut is a very important factor of any stone and you need to very carefully examine the look of the cut before purchasing. A larger carat diamond with a shallow cut will not sparkle or reflect as well as deeper cut stone. This means the flatter the stone the less sparkle it will have, even if it’s a large carat. So, make sure that the stone you are looking at doesn’t appear too flat as this will not appear as bright or reflective. If a stone is cut too deep it can also reduce the sparkle, so pay careful attention to the cut.

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