Toddler in Restaurant – How is your time spent [Infographic]

I saw this online a few days ago and WOW how true is it?  It seems like when myself and my wife go out to eat alone, without the toddler, all we do is stare at each other like we don’t know what to do.  Wonder why ??  Turns out the toddler is a time hog, not that that is a bad thing, but never really thought about it until it was put on paper (e paper that is).




Courtesy of The Laughing Stork

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6 thoughts on “Toddler in Restaurant – How is your time spent [Infographic]”

  1. Oh wow, that's funny. I don't have any kids, but I hate hearing other peoples kids scream out in public. I guess I should be more sympathetic to the parents, but it's hard because I feel like they should take the child outside or to the bathroom until they calm down. A good friend of mine always removed her daughter from the table or any public place when the baby started to get noisy, and now that child is the sweetest, best behaved 8 year old I have ever seen in my life.

    1. I agree Tracy. We always take the kids away from the table if they act up. No need for them to scream and holler at the table like a bunch of crazies. We DO believe however, that it is important at a young age to teach them HOW to sit at the table. They must always sit there until we are ALL finished eating. No walking around the restaurant. That is a pet peeve of mine.

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