How To Use Social Media To Improve Your Travel Experience

You probably never go anywhere without your phone. Chances are it’s always by your side while you’re traveling, and there’s very likely a Twitter app on there of some kind.  Social media to the rescue!

That could be all you need to have an exceptional travel experience. Forget planning and scheduling every aspect of your trip. Just whip out your phone and jump on social media, that’s where you’ll find the most interesting things to do!


Take Advantage Of Local Advice

Through social media you’ll find information that you can’t get in any travel guide. Twitter essentially connects you to a global network, so make sure to take full advantage of that while you’re traveling.

No one knows the area you’re visiting as well as the locals do! They can let you know what’s happening on a given night, where the best restaurants are and where you can find the best hidden gems.

Just think about the area where you live. If you were talking to someone visiting your city I’m sure you could recommend a ton of great places beyond what any tourist guide would tell them. There’s something that comes from living somewhere day in and day out that exposes you to places outside of the usual tourist destinations.

So, how do you tap into that knowledge?

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Information

I’m not talking about going to the nearest information booth, I’m talking about soliciting Twitter. You can get a lot of great information just by asking for it.

If you have a somewhat diverse following on Twitter there’s probably someone who lives in the area you’re visiting. Send out a tweet asking them to recommend something to you. They’ll probably either help you out or retweet your message to someone who can. Soon enough you’ll have recommendations pouring in.

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Don’t have many followers on Twitter? That’s ok, you can still make this work! Use hashtags and use them liberally.

You’d be surprised how many people on Twitter follow hashtags related to their city. Send out a tweet asking for information and include the hashtag of the city you’re in.

For example, let’s say you’re visiting Toronto: You could ask questions like…

  • “Hey, what’s happening in #Toronto tonight? I’m visiting and looking for something fun to do.”
  • “What are the can’t miss spots in #Toronto? I’m here for the day and I’ve seen all the usual tourist stuff.”
  • “Where’s the best place to eat in #Toronto? I’m in the mood for something spicy!”

I’m sure you get the idea. Mix it up depending on what you’re looking for. Use keyword rich tweets and you’ll find yourself more ideas than you know what to do with.

People who are proud of the cities they live in want to show it off to visitors. Also, businesses owners tend to monitor tweets like this so they can recommend themselves to tourists. And social businesses are the best businesses!

Share Your Experiences

Have you had any experiences getting great recommendations on social media during one of your last trips? Share your experiences and stories with us in the comments section!

Author Information: Matt Southern is the Social Media Manager at Bureau, a Canadian communications firm. He specializes in helping people get more out of their social media use. If you enjoyed this post you can also check out his blog at


This is the first post by Matt Southern at What You Tink Daddy.  We welcome him, and look forward to future publications from all our guest posters.

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  2. Great tips, Matt. I have to admit that I’m still finding all of the ways that Twitter can be useful. Next time I travel, I’ll try the tip about tweeting for ideas on things to do. Very interested to hear what folks say!

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