Which Android Tablet should you buy on a budget?-Tech Tuesday

“Daddy, can I play puzzles on your phone “, my son would ask me.. AArggg.. “YES”, sure and I would give up my Galaxy S3 to my son, and hope he didn’t take it swimming in a glass of tea, or in the toilet.  We have been on the search for quite a few weeks now for a device that would let my son play games while we are on the road. I am an android fan, so the next question is which android tablet should I buy?

7″ Android Is the perfect size

Next choice, what size?  Bigger is better right?  Well, not in this case.  I think that they wide range of 7″ Android Tablets is just what is needed.  The best android tablet, hands down, in this category right now is the Nexus 7.  Although this would be great for daddy to have, it is not what I want Jr. swinging around in the back seat of the car.  Instead, I went looking through the vast sea of budget android tablets. My budget was $100.

After a little shopping, I came to realize that there were 2-3 price points for android tablets in this 7″ size.  Around 75 bucks, around 100 bucks and those over 100 bucks.  Most of the ones that are in the $75 range feature a single core processor, at most 512MB ram and 4GB of storage.  Some have a front camera, and some don’t.  As I did some reading, I found a common thread, SLOW.  Most of the reviews that were poor complained that these were slow tablets, both due to the processor and the 512MB RAM.

The Winner

Since my budget took me up to around 100, why not start there?  Which android tablet did I chose?  I chose the Pipo smart S1 7″ android tablet.  It looked GOOD, it had Jellybean aka Android 4.1.  It had a dual core process, and it also featured 8 GB of storage.  The specs on this thing were far and above what could be found on a tablet for just about 25 less.  Why not spend the extra money on this one?  So that is just what I did.

Here is good video review that I found of the Pipo S1 android tablet:


Where to purchase

When I decided which android tablet I wanted, I had to figure out where to purchase it from.  I looked for the tablet, and it can be found, in a number of different places.  There are a number of online direct sells, there’s ebay, and of course amazon.  I picked ebay mainly because of the free shipping being offered, and the large # of sales from the seller I bought it from.  I paid $102 and some change for mine, and it even came with a case and an 8GB SD card.

Pipo S1 Tablet on Amazon

Pipo S1 Tablet on Ebay


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1 thought on “Which Android Tablet should you buy on a budget?-Tech Tuesday”

  1. Amanda Greene-Lebeck

    Awesome thanks so very much for the review, my daughters birthday is coming up, and while she has a laptop it is slow and therefore she is on my laptop most of the time. So I wanted to get her a tablet for her birthday and I was hoping not to have to spend a fortune. This is perfect, I have bookmarked this page so I can search for it when I have the money and buy it for her!

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