Zipline Hilton Head Island Review – Do it NOW!

A few months ago, my wife mentioned to me that she would like check out zip lining …”huh” I said. Zipline? You ? Um…OK. I had no idea that my wife would have any interest in zip lining .  So, a couple months before Christmas, I saw a groupon popup in the area for Zipline Hilton Head! Was this what I was looking for ? She might have to go by herself, this guy is not real keen on heights. I do like to go fast like Ricky Bobby , but on the ground, not hanging 75 ft up in a tree.

I admit, I was hesitant, and didn’t have my big boy shorts on about this one…

Man was I wrong!

zipline south carolina

 Scared of Heights ?

If you are thinking about taking your first zipline adventure, Zipline Hilton Head is the place to do it!  Don’t wait like I did, and almost talk yourself out of it.  1. Read this review of the best Zipline in South Carolina and 2. Do it now!!

On the Zipline course, there are 8 ziplines and 3 rope bridges.  You are taken around the zipline course by two guides, and are teathered in at least 2 ways to something at ALL TIMES.  It is absolutely safe!  You are not going to split your lid!

You start off on the “ground school”, were you learn the ropes (pun intended) of ziplining.  You are taught how to do everything, and it is REALLY simple.  This is seriously something that almost anyone can do, or can learn to do pretty quickly.  We were taught in about 15 minutes how to:

  • Sit in proper position in the harness
  • How to brake when we reach the other end of the zipline (because noone wants to hit the tree)
  • How to “self rescue”… i.e. pull yourself to the other end if you stop short (easier than you might think)
  • How to HAVE FUN!

What Makes Zipline Hilton Head AWESOME?

The first stage of the zip was actually rope bridge, and it got you in the “mood” for a little fun… next you were on another rope to zip across about 80-100 ft of line before you increased in difficulty from there.  The ziplines were mostly in the 2oo-600ft range, with a final line of about 900 feet!  THAT was the one to be on.  The video below shows pair from one of the other groups that day on their way down…. they were actually going much faster than it looks in the video.. AWESOME!!

Like I said, we had two guides, Mike and Cody, and they were cool as ice cubes. BUT They kept everyone where they needed to be, and safe, and they didn’t let anyone do anything that would endanger the group.  If you are planning at trip to the zipline in Hilton Head, I suggest you request either one or both of them, they were great!

zipline south carolina2


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If you like adventure, or if you are just a couch potato that is looking for something to do that is out of your normal routine, this is the adventure for you.  Zipline Hilton Head is packed with all sorts of stuff .  Go check it out here, you won’t be disappointed!

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